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Butane Curling Iron

Girls always love curly and shiny hair. Today, hairstyling has become more than just a fashion statement, but a way of life.


A visit to the salon can bring you your desired look, but that requires extra cash from your pocket. Curling irons answer that need for a salon by bringing the service to the convenience of your own home.


However, most curling irons are made to depend on electricity which is oftentimes not available when traveling. Using batteries to power curling irons can also be expensive, considering the lifespan of batteries in heating the iron.


The answer to all these concerns is the cordless butane curling iron made especially for your needs.

As you can tell from the name itself, butane curling irons do not rely on electricity or batteries to curl your hair. They use butane to heat the iron which does the trick of curling that stranded straight hair. Butane is filled into a cartridge that is then loaded to the cordless curling iron to provide power needed for the curling iron to function. That very simple principle behind the use of butane in curling irons led to the solution enjoyed by many ladies.


 butane curling irons

 cordless curling iron

 cordless curling irons

For first time users, it is strongly recommended to read the manual provided before any use. The butane curling irons are flammable due to its butane contents and should be used with caution. In addition, the item should not be stored in places near fire or spark to prevent untoward incidents.


In cases where the iron does not bring enough heat to curl your hair, refilling the fuel cell may be required. Butane cartridge refills are available in many stores and online worldwide. Local dealers of similar products may also have these items in store. Traveling with your butane curling iron is even more convenient when you have an extra cartridge stored.


For extra precaution when traveling by plane with your cordless butane curling iron, be sure to read the guidelines. Many airlines, both domestic and international, strongly restrict the bringing of butane while on board the plane. Disposing the butane cells prior to getting on board may be required, or you can consider putting these items in your checked luggage. Butane is considered a hazardous material inside a plane, thus strict regulations are followed.  


 butane curling irons

 conair butane curling iron

 cordless curling iron


Butane Curling Irons – Shopping Considerations


To effectively choose the butane curling iron that fits your needs, here are few tips you can use.

  • First thing that needs to be considered is the size of the barrel. The barrel is where the hair is wrapped and will eventually dictate how curly the hair can be after the procedure. The bigger the barrel the bigger the curls produced.
  • The temperature produced by the curling iron should also be checked. Since it produces heat to curl the hair, the temperature setting should be at a tolerable level to prevent damages. Too much heat produced means high temperature while to little means the opposite. In connection with this, different types of hairs require different amount of heat to curl. Thus, it is very important that labels should be read before any purchase is done.



  • Cordless curling iron type is another big thing that needs attention. There are different types of butane curling irons such as the brush style, ceramic, and metal coated irons, that are available in the market. Each type offers a different solution and is designed for different types of hair. To ensure the best deal make sure to find the right one for you.

Two of the most popular brands include the Conair and Braun butane curling irons. We’ve included some pictures of the cordless curling irons on this site; have a look around!


 braun butane curling iron

 butane curling iron

 butane curling iron